The RGD (Association of Registered Graphic Designers) Design Educator Conference in Vancouver highlighted creativity, community, and compassion in design, featuring workshops and discussions led by experts.


I was part of a group for these projects, and I created the logo. I designed the logo for the Educator Conference, and the idea for the moodboard came from my original concept, showcasing my professional and creative input to the project.

Challenges :

Solutions :

Challenge: Design a conference theme and logo that reflect community creativity, compassion, and nature, while maintaining a playful and modern style. The design should also incorporate the colour green as a base color to represent all three topics.

  • Natural colour palette for environmental harmony.
  • Technology and nature in design.
  • Collaboration and community in design.
  • Fun, modern typography for a playful tone.
  • Interconnected elements showing community in design. ( Overlapping Logo)