Granville Island Brewing, one of Canada’s oldest microbreweries based in Vancouver, is renowned for its high-quality craft beers that blend traditional techniques with innovative flavors. Emphasizing local ingredients and community engagement, the brewery stands out in the industry. I created a seasonal winter beer package for them named Polar Hub Cold IPA.

Challenges :

Solutions :

Granville Island Brewing needed a winter beer package that conveyed
cold, featured a polar bear and ice, and highlighted the use of hops in
their Polar Hub Cold IPA.

• Use a playful and attractive font for the logo, with an eye monster
replacing the letter ‘o’ to emphasize the theme.
• Design the package with vibrant colors and illustrations of friendly
monsters with multiple eyes, creating a unique and memorable
character for the crayons.
• Ensure the design is eye-catching and stands out on store shelves,
appealing to both children and parents.