The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA BC), is a non-profit organization focused on promoting mental health and supporting those with mental illness through education, advocacy, and community programs. Graphic design plays a key role in CMHA BC’s efforts by creating engaging and informative materials that raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide crucial mental health resources to the public.

Challenges :

Solutions :

As a graphic designer at CMHA BC, you may face the challenge of
balancing creative design work with the need for sensitivity and accuracy
in mental health messaging, all while maintaining consistent branding
across various media formats like social media, print, layout, and editorial designs, often under tight deadlines and with limited resources.

Use photos and illustrations that represent the diverse population
served by CMHA BC, promoting inclusivity and a sense of community.
• Ensure that all designs communicate clear, concise, and positive
messages about mental health, making the information easily
accessible and impactful.
• Develop a cohesive visual identity that aligns with CMHA BC’s branding
guidelines, reinforcing the organization’s professionalism and reliability.
• Incorporate modern design elements such as infographics, icons,
and charts to make complex information more digestible and visually